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Family Law & Mediation

Devoting expertise for complex family law

Divorce and separation are an emotionally taxing period for not only the couple but those around them, including the children. Andrew Sheremeta understands the emotional and legal complications that come with familial relationships, and so approaches each case with a level of delicacy. Over his decades-long career, Andrew has undertaken several cases of familial disputes and has assisted in helping families move forward with calm, meaningful resolutions.


Counselling family legal matters

Andrew Sheremeta Law Office can assist with legal family matters that relate to:
● Access
● Co-Habitation Agreements
● Custody
● Divorce
● Marriage Contracts
● Separation
● Mediation



Committed representation

Andrew will guide you through planning settlement negotiations of your property and
finances. He will also assist you in parenting plans to avoiding confusions and issues
concerning the parents’ new and individual roles. In cases where amicable settlement is not
possible, Andrew has the professional background litigation for speedy and efficient


Experienced legal expert

Sheremeta Law has a capable team of experts who are well-versed in the intricacies of family law, and the underlying issues of familial support. We will help you navigate through the complicated Ontario family laws and will always have the best interest of you and your children in mind.