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Corporate Law

Deciphering the corporate law code

Eagerness to begin a new business venture can often lead to missing the specific legal requirements needed to register and licence the company. You’ve built your corporation or business from the ground up, and it would be a pity of legal misjudgement was its demise.
Make sure that you’re taking all the proper steps with the help of our legal team. Sheremeta Law will help to safeguard your business’ legal status so that it can continue to flourish without hindrance.


Rights and Duties

Business owners may not be equipped with the legal know-how for establishing or maintaining a business. Knowing your rights and duties as a business owner is crucial for the continued success of the company. We will assist you in outlining the rights and responsibilities of owners and directors for the legal processes and help define the terms of any business agreement.


Corporate legal services

Sheremeta Law provides competent legal services that assist you in securing the future of your corporation or business through these services:
● Incorporations
● Partnerships
● Agreements
● Contract Negotiations
● Purchase & Sales
● Leases



Knowledgeable legal counsellors

Starting a business in Ontario can be tough thanks to the constant legal changes and developments. It can be challenging keeping track of everything that may affect your company. Because of this, our leading lawyer, Andrew, keeps himself knowledgeable of any recent amendments, revisions and repeals, while also keeping up on proper techniques and practices.

A significant part of your life and livelihood is your business. We aim always to preserve your rights as a business owner through useful and expert legal advice.