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Civil Litigation

Helping with a speedy disposition of civil litigation

In civil litigation, clients need fast, less damaging and cost-efficient dispute resolution
concerning a range of civil matters. Should you be a party litigation disputes, Andrew
Sheremeta Law Office shall defend your rights under with the fullest protection of the
substantial and procedural laws. We utilize every viable option with our experience, skills,
and knowledge that you will get your life back on track.


Civil litigation services

At Sheremeta Law, we will assist you in common civil litigation disputes including:
● Contract Litigation
● Commercial Litigation
● Construction Lien
● Estate Litigation Cases
● Wrongful Dismissal
● Other pertinent areas


Devout legal assistance

No matter the size, we approach every case with the same level of professionalism. Andrew provides devoted legal support and works diligently to get our clients their preferred results. Through his experience in numerous civil litigation disputes, Andrew is always on top of everything. He can best represent you before any court, tribunal or quasi-judicial body for trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations.


Civil litigation in Ontario is intricate. To ensure we are serving you best, Andrew keeps himself well informed of any changes, amendments or repeals.